Freesoul WordPress Theme Documentation

On this documentation, you will find all the information you need to easily build your website with Freesoul.


Before to see the details, we are happy to introduce you to the main features of Freesoul.

Freesoul uses a modular pages building strategy, giving you the possibility to easily create Content Elements that can be called everywhere. You can use them to design the sidebar, the sliding top area … or simply parts of pages that will be always the same. You will find the Content Elements menu item in the back-end main menu.

Very similarly as with the Content Elements, you can fully customize the Header and Footer using the integrated page builder.

The number of options is really high, but Freesoul will drive you to the best choices and will present you first the most important settings. During the Quick Setup process (accessible from Freesoul Settings => Quick Setup), you will be able to set up the most important options, automatically create the pages including your desired layouts, the menu and even more. You won’t need to care about a lot of details of which Freesoul will take care of depending on your main choices. However, every time you need it, of course, you will have access to every single option that you haven’t seen during the quick set-up phase. Moreover, if you prefer it, you can install a demo content just with one click.

In Appearance => Customize you will have an amazing real-time preview for almost every theme option. You will see in real time how an option could affect your design before to save it.

You have the possibility to have different “changesets” previews that you can share with anyone you want, without the need to be logged in.

Still, in Customize, you will find a section called Responsiveness Check, that will allow you to see the responsiveness of your design for every device dimensions, even using dynamic simulation.

As you probably know, higher is the number of the active plugins,  higher is the risk to have conflicts between plugins. The Freesoul Builder plugin takes in accounts all the common basic functions needed from a web site, and integrate them in a clean and compact way.

You don’t need external plugins if you are looking for:

If you were thinking that a flexible theme, furthermore working with a page builder, can’t be light and fast in the front-end, you will change idea trying Freesoul.

We believe that the page layout and style should not always involve expert developers, even for very custom and unique websites. If you are a developer, spend your time for something more complex than dividing a row into 4 columns! Hence we have decided to integrate a page builder.

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