In this section, you can define all the settings related to the footer, including:

  • footer layout
  • before footer widget area on pages
  • go to top image

You can choose your footer from the list of the content elements. After installation Freesoul creates a default footer content element, but of course you can modify it or create a new one. So you have no limits, you can even search for an available footer element for free in the Freesoul repository or buy a premium one in the Freesoul Shop.

Before footer widget area

In every single page, you have the opportunity to have the so-called “before footer widget area” that can be populated in Appearance => Widgets.

Checking the checkbox above you are saying to activate this area for every new page.

Moreover, you have the options:

  • before footer area in according to single pages setting: the “before footer widget area” will be active or not in a single page depending on the setting of that page
  • before footer area always active in single pages: no matter what is set in a page, the “before footer widget area” will be always active
  • before footer area never active in single pages: no matter what is set in a page, the “before widget area will be never active”

Go to top

Submitting “UPLOAD IMAGE” the media library window will pop up giving you the possibility to chose the image for the “go to top” function. Clicking that image the user will see that the window will automatically scroll to the top of the page.