In this section, you can define all the settings related to the header, including:

  • Header Layout
  • Header Width
  • Logo

Header element

Freesoul WordPress Theme, custom header selection from theme options

You can choose your header from the list of the available headers. After installation Freesoul creates a default header that you can modify or create a new one. So you have no limits, you can even search for an available header element for free in the Freesoul repository or buy a premium one in the Freesoul Shop.

Moreover, in every single page or post, you can select a different header.

Header width

For the header you can choose between:

  • boxed: the header will have the width of the main content
  • full: the header will have the full width of the window

To upload your logo image just press “Upload Logo”, then the WordPress media library window will pop up, giving you the possibility to choose an already uploaded image from the media library or upload an image located in your computer.

You will be able to set all options about the menu in the menu element settings. You will learn more about the menu in the menu element section of the Elements integrated in Freesoul Builder.

All the other design options related to the header will be available in the header element.