Support Policy

This Support Policy describes what support you can expect from us if you are subscribed to our support service after having purchased one of our products.

By providing personal information to us, you consent to us processing it as set out in this Support Policy.

What Our Support Service Covers

We only support our Products, sold on our website Our Support Service includes assistance with Product installations, configuration, and use. If you need help setting up or configuring our themes or plugins, please first check our documentation and FAQs. Your question might have been answered already. If it’s not the case, please submit a ticket.


What’s the language to use for the support tickets

Our support service is provided in English. You may find someone from our team who speaks also other languages, but we can not ensure it.

Bug Fixing

If you have a problem that depends by a bug in the software we provide, we will be grateful for discovering it, normally in these cases, we will provide you a temporary solution for your specific case and then the bug will be definitely solved with next software version release.

If you realize that an external plugin causes a conflict, let us know it, if we realize it’s the case to modify our software we will do it, in other cases, we will suggest you contact the plugin author.

What our Support Service cover and not cover

Retired themes and plugins will be supported until your subscription expires.

We will not ensure support in the following situations:

  • you are using outdated versions of our products
  • you have modified or added custom code in our themes or plugins

This doesn’t mean that we will not help you in any case, but that we will see the specific case evaluating the reasons you have to use an outdated version and what you have changed or added in the code.

Our Support Service does not cover issues caused by Third Party plugins.

We may ask you to disable Third Party plugins before we are able to assist you in an efficient way, this means that your website could appear broken during the problem-solving.

Our support service does not cover any code customization, neither of our products nor of Third Party plugins.

Occasionally we write some blog posts useful for our product customization, we suggest you read them if you are interested in customizing our products. In any case, we will not take any responsibility for the customization.

We do not give general WordPress support. You can find resources and  answers around WordPress in the forums


Product Support Channels

We provide Support Services through the Support System of this website. We do not provide our Support Service through any other channel (including, but not limited to direct e-mail, Facebook, Twitter ….).

Don’t request any Support with channels that aren’t the Support System of this website, because you could wait for an answer that will never arrive. Our Support Team will not receive your requests if you don’t use our ticket system.

We may ask you to send us your WordPress or Server login details if we need them to assist you. The information you share with us through our tickets system will not be given to any Third Party. Only you and our support team will see your ticket.

You will receive indications to log into our Support System after your purchase. If for some reasons you don’t receive them and you have the rights to be a member of the support system, contact us using our Contact Form.


Other support options

You may find relevant community forums to be a helpful source of tips and assistance regarding our products. We do not moderate these forums and we don’t take responsibility for the content you could find about our products

Working time

Although we strive to respond to all queries within 24 hours, our actual response times may vary and we may take longer to respond to more advanced or technical queries or in case of a high number of requests.


Incorporation by reference

This Support Policy incorporates the following provisions and their subordinate provisions of the Terms by reference:

  • Interpreting these Use Terms
  • Support Service
  • Passwords and Account Security
  • Your Privacy
  • Warranties
  • Liability
  • Documents and Notices


If you have questions about this Support Policy or do not agree with it, please Contact Us. We may change this Support Policy from time to time, so check this page to ensure that you are aware of any changes. We will also inform you after any changes sending an email to the email that is recorded in our system. This Support Policy is effective from 8 June 2019.