We are Jose Mortellaro and Eos Koch. A husband and wife team that believes that building a business and working from your zone of strengths supports positive change in the world.

We believe that having a business where you do what you love and balancing that with your ideal lifestyle is possible for each and every one of us.

Having a website that reflects on the outside what you believe in the inside makes all the difference in attracting the right for you clients.

we do what we do


We deeply believe that the time of the old structures and unbalance of the masculine and feminine energy is over and our business is a true reflection of that.

Eos is responsible for the vision and design of everything we do and Jose has deep knowledge around all the technical parts and is an expert in WordPress and there is no problem he is not able to solve.

We support each other to work in our own zone of strengths and take responsibility for the parts in our business that come easily to us.

Business (and especially being an entrepreneur and creating your personal brand) is a journey of self-discovery, daily unraveling, and growth. Our theme and academy support you on this journey in a holistic and soulful way.

If you are here,  we know you are ready to create a life of freedom for yourself and those around you and we would love to support you on this journey.

If you are looking for soulful business inspiration you can find more on the blog from Eos here and if you are interested in the technical part you find more on the blog from Jose here.

We live with our 2 daughters and three dogs in a little house on the beautiful and magical Island of Menorca in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast in Spain.

Our two daughters are a huge part why the work we do is so important for us and they are both dreaming up and working on their own projects and websites with the Freesoul Theme already now at the age of 9 and 15 years. We want them to grow up in a way they are empowered and fulfilled through the work they do and we want the same for as many others out there too.

Having the possibility
to create your website in an easy way,
opens you the doors to opportunities and freedom.
In our signature online course, you will be guided to create your own website
and build a strong foundation for your brand and business on a 10-week journey.