beautiful soul

The number one goal of your website is to collect the email from your visitors, this gives you the opportunity to reach back out to them with your future offer. The second step is to create and nourish a relationship of trust.

Let your readers know who you are and what you are doing. Share your vision, dreams and desires and give them an insight to what your website is all about.

Your why is really the reason behind everything you do and if people connect on a deeper layer with what you do and why you do that, they are attracted to work with you and want to know more. You only have a view seconds here on the homepage to make a first little connection.

Your visitors will remember more how you made them feel, then the exact words they did read on your page. So show who you are and let them know whats inside your website for them.

The second page people usually navigate to, is your about page, so prepare them for their journey and ask yourself what they need to feel, know and do here on this first page of your website.